Join as a specialist

If you are a talented risk, analytics or technology freelancer, you may be interested in joining our expanding network of 70+ specialists. By joining our network, you differentiate yourself from other candidates and open up a range of new interim opportunities.

The arrangement is non-exclusive
Access to our network and knowledgebase
Become part of our ecosystem

Why Basinghall Specialists?

By joining our network, you give yourself the opportunity to be made available to the employers who use our services, giving you a higher chance of obtaining a role. The arrangement is non-exclusive, meaning that you can continue to use your existing contacts to source work as well. The roles we offer are interesting and varied, and we cover the UK, Ireland, Switzerland, Nordics and other parts of Europe.

When you undertake a placement on behalf of Basinghall Specialists, you’ll remain part of our family and have access to our network and knowledgebase at Basinghall Analytics. This means that you have some support available to you if you encounter a technical challenge, and also makes you more attractive to employers who gain the benefit of an extended network.

Unleash the power of the network

You will become part of our ecosystem of colleagues with similar backgrounds. It’s an exciting place to be as we are constantly creating new methodologies, prototypes and tools. Checkout our specialisms and The QuantTech Network.

Free trainings will be delivered, including technical and soft skills
Join our expanding network of 70+ specialists
Differentiate yourself from other candidates

How to join our network?


Just submit your details on the join as a specialist form below. And let us take care of the rest. We value personal and transparent communication.


You will be interviewed by one of our partners at Basinghall Analytics. This enables us to get to know each other, and for us to understand what you can offer to our clients.


After the interview, and on the assumption that both sides are happy to proceed, we will issue you with a contract. And if both parties are still happy, it is time to sign the contract.

Knitty gritty

After the previous steps, we need you to complete a few things, e.g. CV in various formats, GDPR consent form.

So it begins

When an appropriate project comes up, we contact you to confirm your interest and availability. As you’ve already gone through our process, we can then introduce you to the client
very quickly.


Once you get here, all is set up, and you can fully focus on enjoying your work and daily life. Consider the process and collaboration to be smooth.